6 Steps to Become a Sustainable Twitter Influencer

Creating a large twitter following is hard. Creating a sustainable and engaging twitter following is harder.

This post is for those who already have a large following base.

Using the same parameters I discuss here, I have analysed 40+ twitter accounts on SEO and Digital Marketing and came up with the following results,

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The analysis was strictly based on these parameters. So, I might have missed the best content creators in twitter or the influencers with the highest number of followers in the considered niche.

However, I believe, these factors together, turn a good twitter account into a great one.

So, some basic mathematics was unavoidable. If you don’t want the mathematics of how I came up with the analysis results and you just want to see how you can use it to grow your twitter account, scroll down a bit!

For each of these parameters, I assigned a weight based on their importance as follows.

Weights assigned to each parameter based on their importance
Weights assigned to each parameter based on their importance

Then I assigned ratings out of 10 for each account on each parameter based on my research.

Addition of the Multiplications of these scores gave me the Comprehensive Twitter Ranking Score.

Take Rand Fishkin for example, he achieved a CTR of 216 as follows.

CTR (Rand Fishkin) = 8*10+7*5+6*7+7*6+5*3+2*1= 216

Here, I present you the CTRs of the top ten influencers only based on my analysis. Out of the 40+ accounts I analysed, the lowest CTR was 112.

For my surprise, some of the top players in the market such as Neil Patel, Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, Matt Cutts, Dr. Pete Mayers were not in the top 10.

Here is why I used the above parameters. If you want to become a successful twitter influencer, consider the following six factors.

1. Original Content

Here, what I meant by original content was that the content one tweet from his own blog or from his company blog, or from any other original source.

This is the most important part of an influencer’s account as one of the first reasons users follow them is for this type of original content.

Blog content
Blog content

Influencers like Neil Patel, Eric Enge, Brian Dean, Shane Barker and John Rampton had the best content on their accounts mostly from their own blogs. However, all of them did not make it to the top 10.

Because, some failed to concern the followings.

2. Relevant Retweets

Retweets is a tricky function in twitter. It has to be used and it has to be used wisely.

Rule of thumb is to use a Tweet to Retweet ratio of 3:1. Going for a higher ratio of 5:1 is still accepted for a content creator as they may have more original content to tweet.

But doing it other way around or totally ignoring the retweeting function would be a disaster.

There is another important reason some influencers fail to consider retweeting which we will discuss in the last section.

3. Post Engagement by the followers

Everything you do on twitter as an influencer, I believe is to improve the engagement of the followers with your posts.

Another way to put it is: The sole purpose of you being on twitter is to engage with your audience.

Follower engagement
Follower engagement

If you have 1 million+ followers and you can not get 20 likes, 10 retweets and 10 comments on your post, remember, you are doing something terribly wrong

4. Post Engagement by the Influencer

This is also an important factor and you can also identify it seen the weight I have put on this.

Social media is not a one way communication where an influencer come and dump their content on the twitter account and go, letting the followers to start arguing, fighting, make assumptions and come into conclusions.

The influencer has a duty to engage with the followers on the same platform and I believe that’s the beauty of social media.

Influencer engagement in posts is important
Influencer engagement in posts is important

That’s the beauty of twitter, where I can directly talk to the president of the United States or the CEO of Apple and they see me irrespective of the number of followers I have. If my concern is legitimate and they find it interesting, they might consider replying.

5. Followers Count

I have put a little lower weight for this factor though most of the influencers are following after this number spending a tremendous amount on advertising.

Engagement matters
Engagement matters

Yes, number of followers are important. But there is a more important and relevant matrix, I call it The average post engagement per follower.

Count the total engagement (likes+retweets+comments) for your last 10 posts, divide it by 10 and divide the number by your follower count and take it as a percentage.

You will be surprised by seeing how little engagement your posts make with your followers. Try to achieve a 1%+ follower engagement for your tweets.

It’s not magic, you have already gathered a great set of followers. Now think about why in the first place they followed you and what value you can offer them in your tweets.

6. Following Count

I have seen some twitter influencers follow back very little as 50 accounts. They might have followed more previously and cleared all the unnecessary followings later on.

Some are using lists, which is also not a great option in an engaging platform like twitter.

However, If you follow back only 50 twitter accounts, how would you get to see the important retweetable content or the content going viral on twitter? Does that mean your sole purpose of being on twitter is to dump your content you create and ask your followers to click?

I would introduce you with a better strategy here. Follow these steps,

  • Clean up your unnecessary followings. Checkout these Apps and Tools for that
  • Start following all the influencer accounts in your niche. They would keep you updated on the changes in the market.
  • Start following business accounts that are relevant to your niche.
  • Follow business magazines and Newsletters that are relevant.
  • Follow your followers based on their regular engagement with your posts. It would make their day, being followed back by an influencer they like. On top of that, you will make a loyal follower who would further engage in your posts.
Following back is not as bad as you thought!
Following back is not as bad as you thought!

Having 1 million followers and 50 followings, if your tweet gets only 10 likes, 1 comment and 3 retweets, it doesn’t make sense. Rather you may prefer to have a 20k followers and 5k followings with a much better engagement with your audience.

Again, if you want to see the results of this analysis I carried out for SEO and Digital Marketing Influencers, Check it out here,

Top 10 Digital Marketing and SEO influencers to follow on Twitter

I hope this helped. If you think I should have included any other parameter for the analysis or I should have changed their weights, let me know in the comment section.


Top 10 Digital Marketing and SEO influencers to follow on Twitter (in 2020)

The best place to get fresh updates on any subject is to follow a set of great influencers on Twitter.

For those who are interested in Digital Marketing and SEO, I have analysed more than 40 twitter influencer profiles and here I present the best 10 profiles to follow.

Analysis was based on six parameters.

  1. Original Content
  2. Quality Retweets
  3. Post Engagement by the followers
  4. Post Engagement by the Author
  5. Followers Count
  6. Following Count

Read why I used these parameters, how I carried out the analysis and how an influencer profile can be further improved here,

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I will first list down the top 10 profiles and then all the influencer profiles I analysed.

1. Brian Dean

One follows Brian for SEO updates. So he gives his audience what they expected by posting some quality content originally created by him and by retweeting relevant content.

On top of that, he has a pretty decent engagement in posts by his followers. Brian also takes his time to reply most of them.

If you are interested about content on Search Engine Optimisation, this is a must follow account. You can also checkout his blog at Backlinko.

2. Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus is mostly tweeting about SEO and post some quality content on the subject from two blogs Moz.com and Zyppy.com.

He also engages with the followers in comments and replies to most of his followers’ questions.

3. Joost de Valk

Joost is the founder of the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO. Currently he is the Chief Product Officer at Yoast. He mostly post quality content from Yoast SEO Blog and from his personal blog.

4. Pam Moore

Pam Moore is the CEO at Marketing Nutz, a social media marketing and branding agency.

Mostly tweets about social media marketing and content marketing from her two websites pammarketingnut.com and themarketingnutz.com.

5. Rand Fishkin

Mostly tweet original content from his blog SparkToro on digital marketing, SEO and startups.

6. Darren Shaw

Darren is tweeting from so many interesting sources including his blog Whitespark. Further, he use Retweeting wisely to inform his audience on updates from a range of sources.

7. Britney Muller

An active character in twitter. Britney tweet original content from Moz and retweet relevant content for SEO and digital marketing from a range of sources.

8. Ross Hudgens

Ross creates his content at Siegemedia. Also retweet quality content on SEO and content marketing.

9. John Rampton

John Rampton tweet some high quality content throughout his feed.

However, the engagement of his 1.3 million followers is at a considerably low level

10. Ian Lurie

Ian tweet some original content from his blog Ianlurie.com as well.

The reason how his twitter account managed to stay at the top 10 is his active engagement with the followers

11. More Digital Marketing and SEO influencers to follow in twitter

I have given the above list based on certain parameters which I discuss in this blog post.

However, there are more twitter accounts you should follow if you are interested about the subject.

For example, some of these twitter accounts could not come to the top five just based on the fact that their engagement with the followers was low or they did not retweet at all.

Therefore based on the parameters I used for this particular analysis, I had to cut them off even though they had some quality content posted regularly.

So this is the list of influencers I considered and I recommend you to checkout their twitter accounts and follow them as well. Following list is not in any order.

Yes It was me at the last. I tweet valuable content on Business, Marketing and Tech.

Now, If you think I should add more influencers to the list, please comment below. I would love to hear from you.