Does your business need to show up on Google?

Let’s face the fact that most businesses today can be found on Google through their website, Google my business account, their Facebook page, or even by a forum where a customer smashes them.

Sometimes as a business, you don’t have full control of how you show up on the internet.

However, some businesses have more importance on optimizing their presence as their customers are actively searching for them on Google.

Do my customers search for me on Google?

Yes. That is the ultimate question to ask yourself. Does my customer search for me on Google?

If I am the customer and if I want to buy a packet of biscuits, I don’t search for a biscuit company on Google. Also highly unlikely I will search for a retail company on Google that sells biscuits. I would go to my favorite shopping application be it amazon, daraz, kapruka, or Keels, and purchase it.

However, for a company manufacturing biscuits, your customer is not just the end consumer. Your customers are supermarkets, online stores, and wholesale agents.

What do they search for on Google?

Biscuit manufacturers in Sri Lanka, Biscuit wholesale Colombo, Best biscuit in Sri Lanka, and more.

That is why an FMCG brand’s Google presence should be optimized not for the end consumer, but for the wholesale agents, supermarkets, and online stores looking to buy large quantities.

The same happens if your product is B2B or you’re offering a service, there’s a high likelihood that your customer will search for you on Google.

They will probably search for a problem they face, cause that’s what we do on Google right? We use Google, Youtube, or any other search engine to find solutions for our problems.

Let’s assume I want to reduce my weight. I wouldn’t go to Google to find a fitness trainer, but to search for a fitness schedule, a dietary plan, or some tips to get it done.

Finding one of the blog posts on a fitness trainer’s website that answers my problem would be the first interaction I have with that business.

Does this mean every business should show up on Google?

Not exactly. Here’s how you should find out whether your business should show up on Google.

Think from the customer’s perspective. Ask these questions,

  • Does your customer search for you on Google?
  • Do they search on Google for the problems that you can solve?

If the answer is “YES” for one of the above questions, you should actively optimize your business’s presence on Google.

Ideally, your website and the Google My Business account should be optimized to serve the searchers and to make yourself easily found on Google.

If you’re confused about where to start and how to optimize your web presence, contact us or Book a FREE Discovery Call with us to find out how we can help you do this.