What is Facebook Business Manager and Who should use it?

As Facebook became one of the largest media advertising companies in the world, so many new businesses and services started to emerge such as Facebook advertising agencies and Facebook business management agencies.

More businesses started hiring Individual consultants or businesses to manage and optimise their business pages and to advertise on Facebook.

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More people coming into business means more profit for Facebook. However, there was a risk of handing over a business account to a third party to manage or advertise. Then came the login and password issues, payment detail issues and so and so on.

Business Manager

So Facebook decided to come up with a platform for those who help other businesses, because all these businesses eventually help Facebook. As a result, here we have Facebook Business Manager for Free!

Business Manager provide solutions for all of the above issues we discussed. In fact, it goes beyond the basics.

What Business Manager can do?

Consider Business Manager as a system that runs your business, of course as the name suggest.

Business Manager can be used to perform four main tasks.

1. Manage Ads: Ads Manager

You can manage multiple Ad accounts under your Business Manager account.

You can add all your pages for which you are an Admin, under your Business Manager and use a single payment method for them while utilising the payment methods set by the clients to serve them in a secure way.

2. Manage Pages: Page Posts

You can manage your clients Facebook business accounts with content posting, scheduling and community management.

3. Manage People: Business Settings

If you have employees working for you, Business Manager gives you the ability to add them to your business manager account without sharing any of your login details. In addition, you can even assign their work precisely as which Ad accounts or pages they should work on.

4. Manage Clients: Business Settings

You can request access to a client’s Ads account or a business page directly from the business manager in a more secure way without sharing any information about your login details or the client’s login details.

Further, you can get analytics reports for different assets you manage in one place which you can share with your clients.

Moreover, you can create different audiences for your clients at one place, you can share videos and images you want your team to use in their work, use pixels to take your analytics and your clients Ad targeting to the next level, and so much more!

Who should use this?

If you have only one Facebook page and one Ads account (every Facebook page generates an Ads account), it’s not necessary to have Business Manager.

Even if you get the requirement of sharing your assets ( Ads Accounts) with a third party advertiser, consultant or a manager who help you in your campaigns in Facebook, you can still add them through your Ads Manager without having the Business Manager.

If you are one of these, you should use Business Manager.

  • an advertising agency managing several Ads accounts for clients
  • a social media management agency managing several Facebook or Instagram business pages for clients
  • a business managing several pages or ads accounts with multiple employees
  • a company with several sub divisions using separate Ads accounts

Business Manager Structure

If the Business Manager is still confusing, check out this bird’s eye view. This includes the main tasks, the Business Manager can perform.

Hope this helped you to have a clear idea of the business manager and its uses. Comment below any question you have about Advertising in facebook.