5 Remarkable Reasons to hire a Digital Marketing Consultant in your business (2020)

Social media and Internet are changing the way we did business, acquiring a massive user base throughout its different platforms, creating tremendous opportunities for the companies to reach millions of customers globally.

However, the competition among the businesses in the internet and social media are also growing rapidly as masses reach these media to make their purchases and to get to know of their products.

Though creating a Facebook page or an Instagram page looks easy for a business, to face this competition requires a businesses to have a dedicated team to handle their web presence to get the best out from these tools. 

Here I discuss why it is a great business decision to hire a digital marketing consultant in 2020. I have given 5 remarkable reasons for you to consider

1. Cost effective

Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant is cost effective?

Of course Yes. Think about trying to start your digital marketing in house. First you have to hire the IT professionals ( At least one person with experience in Web development and maintenance, depending on the size of your business ), then you might have to hire another to develop your social media platforms and to maintain them.

Weighing between outsourcing and doing in house
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Hiring a DMC may not be costly as you think

The worst fear in this approach is what if these employees are not good enough at marketing your brand. Then you have to employee another for marketing to oversee the work carried out by the technical staff.

A digital marketing consultant can guide you through all these from creating a digital marketing strategy for your business up to launching your websites, social media and even to maintain them representing your brand values. So Yes it would be cost effective.

2. You can focus on the core competencies of the business

It’s an accepted norm that, if your core business is your website or your social media, you should not outsource it.

But what if your main business is something far more complex? Then you will find the importance of hiring a professional to handle it.

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snags of trying to do everything yourself

By outsourcing your digital media to a third party would give you the opportunity to focus on the core competencies while the digital consultant would carry out your marketing without giving you strokes.

3. Bring in a fresh perspective to the business

This is a benefit of outsourcing any service of your organisation as you are bringing in people with different attitudes and points of view to the business. This usually creates chaos if it is an internal employment as the existing employees would not like changes even though it creates positive impacts to the business.

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However, as you are hiring a third party on a contract basis to execute a specific project this would not cause much interruption from the internal staff. In fact, they may help for the success of the project.

And I believe, its very important to have people with different points of view, especially in an active area of work such as digital marketing.

4. Experience in different industries and markets

Digital marketing consultants often carry experience from several industries such as healthcare, construction, retail etc. This experience makes them experts in executing and creating marketing strategies.

Moreover, this gives them the expertise to try out cross industry strategies which may create radical changes in the current way of doing business.

5. Latest trends and bends in the digital marketing

As you know all the ups and downs and lefts and rights of your business, most digital marketing consultants are fully aware of the tools and technics they use and the new features, the trends and bends in different social media platforms and even geographical, social and political changes in the use of the tools.

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World is changing faster than we ever imagined

You would not find these information unless you hire a professional, as you would not be in touch with the relevant information sources. 

The importance here is as social media is fast changing, if you miss the right time to exploit a situation, you would miss that opportunity forever.

A bonus point: They are Flexible

Easy hiring and firing.

You can find plenty of digital marketing consulting companies out there in almost any market. Moreover, if you feel like the one you have hired is not the best selection to represent your brand, the process of finding a new company and moving your assets is fairly a simple task.

Hiring and firing is comparatively easy in outsourcing
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Hiring and firing is comparatively easy in outsourcing

No geographical boundary

Importantly, if you feel like hiring a DMC from a different country, you can still do it. There are many social media consultants and companies available online at affordable costs to serve the businesses globally.


Hiring a digital marketing consultant may bring your business a brand new perspective in terms of innovation and ideation. With their experience in different industries and different digital media platforms, they would deliver better results. If they do not, you can simply find a new one, as there are plenty of individuals and companies out there.

This gives you the opportunity to spend your valuable time in the core business and most importantly, outsourcing would save you money.

There are few drawbacks of outsourcing your digital marketing which you can checkout before making a decision. However, my personal opinion is that the benefits surpasses them enormously.

Comment below if you think there are more reasons to consider for both the sides.

Thanuj Gunawardana

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