Life goals: 3 simple steps to successfully achieve your new year goals

I call this SART. Set, Action, Reminding and Tracking.

Before thinking about the new goals, take some time to appreciate your achievements in the last year. You may not have set proper goals in the last year, but be grateful for any size of achievement.

Now let’s jump on to create your next year, your best year!

Set Goals

Take a piece of paper and write down everything you want to have in your life by the end of this year. I mean everything!

Consider three important features in each of your goals

  1. Specific: Be precise about your goals as much as possible
  2. Measurable: Your goal has to be measured and should be able to assign a value
  3. Time bound: The goal should have a time frame to achieve
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For example, your financial goal would be like “I am making $1 million in cash by the end of this year”

It shouldn’t be something like “I am becoming rich” or “I will be the richest among my friends” or “I will make lot of money in this year”.

Assigning values to your goals provides you the ease of monitoring the progress in achieving them.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to set goals pretty much higher than your current position.

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Action Plan

Based on your goals, you should create an action plan. Be strategic. As you have set your goals high, your action plan may look unrealistic at the beginning.

For example, if your financial goal is to earn $1 million at the end of this year, you need to make $83,000 each month. Making such an amount would not be possible for you from the beginning.

Therefore put more weight to the end of the year. Start with earning $2000 in your first month. Keeping your motivation until the end of the process is important.

Because in most of your goals, accumulated results may come in later stages. For example, you may start your own business in the first few month of the year and invest your time and money on it. You may not get any considerable return until 4-7 months. However, when things start to move, you may get closer to your target or even more than that in the last few months.

Similarly if you plan to add a new source of income stream, you will have to spend lot of time learning and practicing in the initial months.

Therefore, the action plan should be a strategic one. Understand what is required to achieve your goals and start developing those. Spend more on educating yourself.


Once you set your goals, it’s very important to track the progress and remind yourself of your goals in a continuous basis.

Visualize the achievement of your goals everyday. Here are some of the ways you can do this,

  • Vision Board: Build a board with visual representations of your goals and hang it in a place you see everyday
  • Set Reminders: Use a mobile application to set reminders that would send you notifications each month on your goals
  • Computer Background: Set interchangeable photos of your goals for the background of your computer if you spend pretty much time in front of it
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Vision Board


Track the progress Monthly

This is a step most people get demotivated. However, it’s critical to track the progress as it would refocus your time on the important tasks.

Consider following factors in tracking the monthly progress,

  • Check whether your goals have changed
  • Check whether you have put the required time and effort into achieving your action plan last month
  • Check whether your action plan needs adjustments

If you ever feel demotivated looking at the last month progress, take a break. Rethink of your strategies.

Set your goals > Create an action plan to achieve them > Set reminders and track the progress in a continuous basis.

May this year be the best year of your life!

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