Looking to Grow your Business Online? Here’s how TASTAG can help you!

Does your business have these symptoms

πŸ‘‰ Hardly getting new customers

πŸ‘‰ Low customer retention

πŸ‘‰ Sales are stagnant

πŸ‘‰ Social media is not converting sales into your business

πŸ‘‰ Website is attracting less visitors

πŸ‘‰ Money spent on advertising does not give you the expected return

To rectify these issues, you should create the most sophisticated website in your industry, spend more on Facebook advertising and hire a digital marketing agency to run your social media.

So your business will grow rapidly thereafter, right?


In fact, the business will fall into more trouble. Because now you are spending more money on the symptoms without identifying the root cause of the issue.

Root Cause?

Yes. There is a bigger reason why, your business is not the best in your industry, your business is not getting enough new customers/ leads and losing repeat customers.

The excuses most business owners and managers give themselves are that we don’t have enough finance to beat the competition, we don’t have the best website design to attract customers, we were too late to get into Facebook, our staff is not competent enough to drive the business forward and so on.

But the REAL ISSUE is that you DO NOT HAVE A PLAN. A Digital Strategy that can drive your business forward.

An Actionable Digital Marketing Strategy is all you need to take your business from it’s current level to your desired level.

Tastag, we know how to setup this exact Sales Growth Machine into your business, because that is what we do!

We have designed this Special One Month Growth Program which will include EVERYTHING you need to take your business from its Current Level to your DESIRED LEVEL IN 12 MONTHS. In this We,

πŸ‘‰  Analyze your current marketing efforts

πŸ‘‰  Consult you on How to Grow your Business

πŸ‘‰  Discuss on how to attract new customers

πŸ‘‰  Optimize your sales funnels (online and offline)

πŸ‘‰  Create a Digital Marketing strategy for your business

πŸ‘‰  Create a content plan for your business

πŸ‘‰  Setup and Optimize Social media and Google accounts

πŸ‘‰  Train your staff on basic social media management and Paid advertising

πŸ‘‰  Train your staff on Content creation (mobile photography and videography basics) for social media

So by the end of this 30 Days, You will have,

βœ…  A Clear path to get your business to your Desired level

βœ…  A Practical and Actionable Marketing Plan to Rapidly Grow your Business

βœ…  A Content Plan to Post Consistently on your Social Media

βœ…  Well Optimized Facebook/ Instagram, Google accounts

βœ…  A Motivated Staff, capable of handling and creating content for your social media

βœ…  Highly Satisfied customers in all Sales funnels

On Top of these, you will get 12 Months Access to TASTAG Continuous Business Development Support (CBDS) Program.

Drop us a MESSAGE or CALL US on +94 74 10 10 169 and we will explain further.

Awaiting your call!

P.S. Send us a message to schedule a One Hour FREE Strategic Call to help you out with your decision. This is a No Obligation call where you are not required to sign up for any of our programs. However, we will add true value to your time with some FREE Marketing Tips you can instantly implement in your Business.

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