10 Movies every Marketer should watch

There are so many movies in the world that are made around marketing and sales stories. Hundreds of movies if we go into depth.

One might argue every successful movie is a great marketing case study. Yes, it is. Because, it takes a huge marketing effort to create a successful movie from the beginning. From selecting the right actors, choosing the locations, putting up with the music, and so many more until promoting.

Here, I will be presenting you with the 10 best Hollywood movies you should have watched as a marketer, a salesman or a businessman.

With this, I will attach the trailer to each movie and will notify the IMDb rating. However, the ordering would be based on my personal preference.

1. The Founder (2016)

This is based on the true story of how a 56 years old Milkshake machine salesman named Ray Kroc turned the McDonald brothers’ revolutionary fast food restaurant into the worlds biggest franchise business.

This has an IMDb rating of 7.2 by the time I write this. However, from a businessman’s point of view, I expect it should have a rating above 8.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Will Smith takes into life a struggling salesman Chris Gardner, who is doing his best to create a better future for his child Christopher.

This masterpiece has an IMDb rating of 8.0. A well worth watch

3. 12 Angry Men (1957)

1957? Bit old yeah? Yes It is old as it sounds. In fact it’s an old black and white movie. So how does this movie gets an 8.9 rating in IMDb? what is the specialty?

Persuasion, is how I explain it. This outstanding piece of work is all about how a man persuade 11 others to prevent a miscarriage of justice for a young boy on a murder.

Though this is not directly related to business or marketing or sales, this is a great movie to realise the importance of persuasion.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

This is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a wealthy stock broker.

This movie particularly comes in the top 10 because of the acting of Leonardo DiCaprio. Every businessman has something important to take from the personality of DiCaprio in as Jordan Belfort.

This has earned a massive 8.2 rating in IMDb. Watch the trailer and you will watch the movie twice!

5. Moneyball (2011)

This is about a baseball team manager with a very tight budget use a computer generated data analysis to create a fighting team.

Carries an IMDb rating of 7.6 which is a fare rating in my mind.

6. Lord of War (2005)

Nicolas Cage starring as an international arms dealer. A story of a chasing success of a salesman, his principles, family and addiction to the business teach you to have a much deeper insight into business.

IMDb rating: 7.6

7. Boiler Room (2000)

Another stock broker story looked at in a different perspective. More about business ethics, with a thrilling storyline.

Gained an IMDb rating of 7.0

8. Joy (2015)

The story builds around a girl named Joy in a complicated relationship and family life trying to pursue her dreams. More about entrepreneurship and business.

Has an IMDb rating of 6.6, but worth more than that as a great startup case study.

9. Tommy Boy (1995)

After the sudden death of his father, Tommy has to take the leadership of a dying auto manufacturing facility, his father’s business. Hundreds of employees’ jobs and the business continuity at stake.

Tommy decides to take the challenge to bring business. Though this is a comedy movie, it creates so many positive propositions about sales.

IMDb rating 7.1

10. The Social Network (2010)

How Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates Facebook and how he face the law suits from the others who claim Mark stole their idea.

Earned an IMDb rating of 7.7

Each of these movies are handpicked from my favourite sales, marketing and business movies. If you haven’t watched any of them, its the time!

Further, if you feel like I should have included any other movies in this list, let me know in the comment section, I would love to hear from you.


6 Steps to Become a Sustainable Twitter Influencer

Creating a large twitter following is hard. Creating a sustainable and engaging twitter following is harder.

This post is for those who already have a large following base.

Using the same parameters I discuss here, I have analysed 40+ twitter accounts on SEO and Digital Marketing and came up with the following results,

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The analysis was strictly based on these parameters. So, I might have missed the best content creators in twitter or the influencers with the highest number of followers in the considered niche.

However, I believe, these factors together, turn a good twitter account into a great one.

So, some basic mathematics was unavoidable. If you don’t want the mathematics of how I came up with the analysis results and you just want to see how you can use it to grow your twitter account, scroll down a bit!

For each of these parameters, I assigned a weight based on their importance as follows.

Weights assigned to each parameter based on their importance
Weights assigned to each parameter based on their importance

Then I assigned ratings out of 10 for each account on each parameter based on my research.

Addition of the Multiplications of these scores gave me the Comprehensive Twitter Ranking Score.

Take Rand Fishkin for example, he achieved a CTR of 216 as follows.

CTR (Rand Fishkin) = 8*10+7*5+6*7+7*6+5*3+2*1= 216

Here, I present you the CTRs of the top ten influencers only based on my analysis. Out of the 40+ accounts I analysed, the lowest CTR was 112.

For my surprise, some of the top players in the market such as Neil Patel, Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, Matt Cutts, Dr. Pete Mayers were not in the top 10.

Here is why I used the above parameters. If you want to become a successful twitter influencer, consider the following six factors.

1. Original Content

Here, what I meant by original content was that the content one tweet from his own blog or from his company blog, or from any other original source.

This is the most important part of an influencer’s account as one of the first reasons users follow them is for this type of original content.

Blog content
Blog content

Influencers like Neil Patel, Eric Enge, Brian Dean, Shane Barker and John Rampton had the best content on their accounts mostly from their own blogs. However, all of them did not make it to the top 10.

Because, some failed to concern the followings.

2. Relevant Retweets

Retweets is a tricky function in twitter. It has to be used and it has to be used wisely.

Rule of thumb is to use a Tweet to Retweet ratio of 3:1. Going for a higher ratio of 5:1 is still accepted for a content creator as they may have more original content to tweet.

But doing it other way around or totally ignoring the retweeting function would be a disaster.

There is another important reason some influencers fail to consider retweeting which we will discuss in the last section.

3. Post Engagement by the followers

Everything you do on twitter as an influencer, I believe is to improve the engagement of the followers with your posts.

Another way to put it is: The sole purpose of you being on twitter is to engage with your audience.

Follower engagement
Follower engagement

If you have 1 million+ followers and you can not get 20 likes, 10 retweets and 10 comments on your post, remember, you are doing something terribly wrong

4. Post Engagement by the Influencer

This is also an important factor and you can also identify it seen the weight I have put on this.

Social media is not a one way communication where an influencer come and dump their content on the twitter account and go, letting the followers to start arguing, fighting, make assumptions and come into conclusions.

The influencer has a duty to engage with the followers on the same platform and I believe that’s the beauty of social media.

Influencer engagement in posts is important
Influencer engagement in posts is important

That’s the beauty of twitter, where I can directly talk to the president of the United States or the CEO of Apple and they see me irrespective of the number of followers I have. If my concern is legitimate and they find it interesting, they might consider replying.

5. Followers Count

I have put a little lower weight for this factor though most of the influencers are following after this number spending a tremendous amount on advertising.

Engagement matters
Engagement matters

Yes, number of followers are important. But there is a more important and relevant matrix, I call it The average post engagement per follower.

Count the total engagement (likes+retweets+comments) for your last 10 posts, divide it by 10 and divide the number by your follower count and take it as a percentage.

You will be surprised by seeing how little engagement your posts make with your followers. Try to achieve a 1%+ follower engagement for your tweets.

It’s not magic, you have already gathered a great set of followers. Now think about why in the first place they followed you and what value you can offer them in your tweets.

6. Following Count

I have seen some twitter influencers follow back very little as 50 accounts. They might have followed more previously and cleared all the unnecessary followings later on.

Some are using lists, which is also not a great option in an engaging platform like twitter.

However, If you follow back only 50 twitter accounts, how would you get to see the important retweetable content or the content going viral on twitter? Does that mean your sole purpose of being on twitter is to dump your content you create and ask your followers to click?

I would introduce you with a better strategy here. Follow these steps,

  • Clean up your unnecessary followings. Checkout these Apps and Tools for that
  • Start following all the influencer accounts in your niche. They would keep you updated on the changes in the market.
  • Start following business accounts that are relevant to your niche.
  • Follow business magazines and Newsletters that are relevant.
  • Follow your followers based on their regular engagement with your posts. It would make their day, being followed back by an influencer they like. On top of that, you will make a loyal follower who would further engage in your posts.
Following back is not as bad as you thought!
Following back is not as bad as you thought!

Having 1 million followers and 50 followings, if your tweet gets only 10 likes, 1 comment and 3 retweets, it doesn’t make sense. Rather you may prefer to have a 20k followers and 5k followings with a much better engagement with your audience.

Again, if you want to see the results of this analysis I carried out for SEO and Digital Marketing Influencers, Check it out here,

Top 10 Digital Marketing and SEO influencers to follow on Twitter

I hope this helped. If you think I should have included any other parameter for the analysis or I should have changed their weights, let me know in the comment section.


9 Easy Steps to Create a Productive Work From Home Environment

Working from home is such a nice idea and people who do it hate it and people who travel to their offices everyday in fact love it.

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds and challenging compared to working in an office, with all the commitments and distractions around. So if this sounds like you, here are some easy steps to make the best out of it while not stressing out.

I have prepared this step by step guide to create an effective Work From Home environment with Easy to Follow steps. This will improve your WFH productivity

1. Prepare a dedicated workspace

Do not work from your bed. In fact try to keep away from the view of it if possible. It has magnetic properties capable of grabbing you back to it though how important your work is 😅.

Prepare your workspace in a simple way, ideally like your office table and try to keep it without much clutter. Keep only what is necessary for your work.

Your workspace has to be simple with less clutter
Image by <a href="https://pixabay.com/photos/?utm_source=link-attribution&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=image&utm_content=1209605">Free-Photos</a> from <a href="https://pixabay.com/?utm_source=link-attribution&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=image&utm_content=1209605">Pixabay</a>
Your workspace has to be simple with less clutter

Keep a separate shelf to stock up your things that you will need while working. Keep the shelf in walking distance in your view. This way you can keep your working table well ordered.

A shelf will serve to keep your table tidy
A shelf will serve to keep your table tidy

2. Prepare a ‘To Do List’

Prepare a To Do List for the following day every night before you sleep. I know this sounds fishy for those who are not used to work with written down plans, but trust me this works.

It has a psychological effect to wakeup in the morning when you have a list of things to achieve the next day.

Another advantage is when you achieve something which you have already listed, it tiggers a chemical called dopamine which is a neurotransmitter, one of those chemicals that is responsible for transmitting signals between the nerve cells of the brain. Dopamine is a ‘feel good’ chemical and it plays a vital role in our brain to feel us ‘Happiness’.

This you can either write down on a paper or use a mobile application. If you prefer an application, check out this blog post which highlights some of the best mobile applications to create a To Do List.

to do list
I prefer writing it down on a paper

3. Set a start and finish time

Some people think, waking up without an alarm is the best achievement of their work from home journey but what if you see it different. Think that you can start your work early as possible while others are still on their buses to work.

an alarm to wake up in the morning is not a bad option for those who work from home
Waking up for an alarm is not a bad way to start

Yes its true that Working From Home is flexible, that you can wakeup at any time and work until you finish your work so that you don’t have to think about timing, which is a lazy way of looking at WFH.

Though you are a full time work from home employee, or a self employed, working from home, setting your working times is rather important to keep a self discipline in your work and to achieve your full work efficiency.

If you are a morning person, try start early so that you are always ahead of others and you can finish early. The other option is to align your work hours with your office hours in which your subordinates also work.

4. Take Breaks

Do not try to finish your work early by working straight for 6 or 7 hours from the morning into the afternoon without taking any break. Its not a sustainable way of working from home.

Instead, take clear breaks for your meals, for cooking, laundry and even for exercising. The beauty of WFH is that you can do all these while you are working, but make sure you take breaks. Do not over multitask.

Multitasking is not a productive WFH technique
Multitasking is not a productive WFH technique

5. Social media

Working from home with your mobile, with active social media feeds, giving you tons of notification every minute does not create a good working environment.

You have few options here,

  • Log out from all your social media accounts while you working
  • Keep your mobile switched off
  • Disconnect your mobile from wifi and mobile data (which I do)

If you are too addicted to social media, you can take a ‘Social Media Break’. A fifteen minutes for every two hours of straight work for instance.

Work and social media go in line only if you work in a social media
Work and social media go in line only if you work on social media

My advice here is, get more breaks. Breaks improve your productivity and the quality of work. In fact, it’s a way of utilising the flexibility of WFH. But make sure you come back to your seat on time without getting caught up in a never ending social media browsing or a gaming session with friends.

6. Music

Listen to some soothing, mind relaxing background music which will make you feel calm and energetic and take you out from the distractions of the outside world. This will improve your focus.

7. Interact with the family

Take some time to interact with your family. Talk to them while you taking breaks. There are several reasons why you should do this.

  • Everyone is not having the luxury of working from home and you are lucky, so share it with your homies
  • When you keep interacting with the family while you take breaks, they will not come back distracting your work
  • Human interaction is something you miss when you WFH compared to working in an office. Human interaction has something to do with your work efficiency and mental balance. So at least interact with the people at home

8. Exercising

Though this is the last step to create a productive work from home environment, this is one of the most important thing to put your attention.

Especially if you are a long term work from home personal, you should include an exercising time slot into your work. Yes I know you can exercise at any time while you work and its flexible, but my advice it to dedicate a time for that. At least 30 minutes a day.

Physical exercising is a great way to release your work stress
Physical exercising is a great way to release your work stress

If you are fitness conscious, go to the gym (which is what I prefer doing), or else, at least take a walk in your neighbourhood.

9. Change your Work Table once a Week

Though Work From Home Sounds great for those who work at offices, there are so many things you will miss. For instance, team working, updates on fashion, trends, news, because you are not going out.

And some people who used to work outside get stressed out with working from home conditions even though they have the best paying jobs with the most comfortable working spaces at home.

So, take a break and say good bye to your home work space at least once a week and go work in a library or in your favourite coffee shop. Invite your friends also to come if they are working with you only.


Working from home is such a flexible way of doing your job or the business. More than anything else, it gives you the opportunity to manage your life more efficiently. However, to have a sustainable WFH experience and to have a work-life balance, you need to be structured.

Comment below if you think there are more steps to add here. Hope this helped!


10 Valuable ‘Things To Do’ at Home during COVID 19 Lockdown

Now this is for you if you and your business operations are being locked down due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation. Each of this point is created with the possibility of carrying out at home without anyone’s support. So be safe. Maintain the distance.

Now this is kinda broad area to discuss with the variety of businesses people get involved in. However, there are some important skills every business person should have and they could acquire during this time period.

If you know how you can utilise your time effectively, COVID-19 Lockdown is a gift for you. Checkout these 10 remarkable ways to spend that time.

1. Learn to create your personal social media accounts

Now, this is one of the most important things every business person should focus on doing. This is not a difficult task at all. Go to Youtube.com or Google.com and type how to create a Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ LinkedIn account, you will find plenty of resources.

Facebook signup page
Facebook signup page

Select the social media platforms depending on your personal preferences and the business goals. First focus on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you need any help on choosing where you should be, contact us, we can help you out.If you are in business, your social media presence adds substantial value to your business and your career as a businessman.

2. If you have already created, optimise them

If you have created your social media accounts, does not mean you are done. Now you can update them and optimise. This is in fact the important part of the process which can make or break your social media experience.

Again you can find so many resources and online courses to learn optimising your social media accounts. First try as much as free resources and if you would like to learn further into the depth, there are some quality paid resources as well. Consider the following basics,

  • Update the profile picture
  • Cover photo
  • Update your ‘about’ section which tells a viewer who you are
  • Update the ‘contact details’ if you provide any
  • Links to your business page or website

However, if you have any doubt, put a comment down or drop us a message.

3. Do the same for your company

If you have not started your web and social media presence for your company by now. A great news for you. You still have time.

Start learning about different social media platforms and try to create your company’s web presence in this time of lockdown. You will never get a better time for this. If you are not sure or confident enough, hire someone to work from home, you will find plenty of freelancers at this moment.

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We also can help you to take your business online or we can further help you learn how to do this. We recommend you to try this yourself as it would be a great mental exercise and a future investment to learn the art of digital marketing.

4. Engage with the community, customers and employees

Now, this is a momentous time to engage with the community as a businessman as everyone is stressed out and worried. So consider it as a part of your company’s corporate social responsibility to help the community for the fight against the virus.

Act like a real business personality. Be a true gentleman

connecting on twitter
Twitter is a great platform to connect with communities globally

You can use your personal social media accounts and business accounts in parallel to engage with people. Try to help as much as possible though its a tough time for you as well. Consider this golden rule here,

DO NOT expect anything back for what you or your company do to the society

Check whether your employees are safe. Call them or use an application such as Zoom or Google Hangouts or any such to have a conversation. Check this blog to find the best video conferencing applications available. Help who is in need.

video conferencing
Video conferencing is a quality way to contact your employees

Contact your customers. Check on their status. Have some friendly conversations and try not to talk about the outstanding payments 🙂

5. Think about a Second/ Third Income

There was never a time we felt this much of the importance of few independent sources of income. More sources of income you have, you will feel safer.

Even if you do a business or work in an organisation, this lockdown is a great time to think about new ways to make money. Remember, this world is full of Trillion Dollar Industries, whereas you just have to identify one.

Think about ways to make an online revenue apart from your usual job or the business. Check out websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or even Shutterstock.

You can even start your own online presence with a blog, youtube channel or with a social media platform on something you like to spend your time and effort.

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6. Learn a software

You can learn windows office. You would probably have an understanding of the basics already, but there are so much to learn especially in Excel. Microsoft Project would also be a great software for a businessman.

If you have an interest in learning a creative software which you can use in your business and in digital marketing, go for Adobe. Learn Adobe premiere pro, Photoshop and Lightroom.

Adobe logo

You will understand the importance when you start creating your social media and web presence. However, it does not mean you can not go ahead with point number 1,2 and 3 without learning Adobe.

7. Read a book on Sales and Marketing

Reading is a quality way to utilise your stay at home. If you already have books, you are lucky. Personally I prefer the printed versions rather than e-books. However, you have no choice at the moment.

Reading a book
Read a book

Find some quality Sales and Marketing books you can get your hands on. Start reading.

Nevertheless, if you are not used to reading books, start with something you would love. Such as an article, a blog post, or even a Novel.

8. Take up an online course

There are plenty of platforms which create you the opportunity to learn a new skill online. First think of what you should learn. I will suggest some skill areas where you can concern on.

  • Start learning a new language (eg: English, French, Chinese)
  • A new software
  • A new programming language, web development or application development
  • A course on Finance, Management, Marketing
  • Photography or videography
  • Yoga, nutrition, dieting
  • A music instrument such as guitar, piano or keyboard

These are just a few areas which you can start from. Luckily, all these learnings can be done at home without the help of anyone. You can find tons of free resources online to learn any of these. However, if you need to sign up for a more structured program, try Udemy.

Online courses in Udemy
They have thousands of Online courses in various categories

9. Start creating a plan to execute just after the lockdown

The lockdown would create so many challenges for your business. So start planning to face them now. Create a list of 10 most serious issues you will face just after the lockdown with number one being the most significant.

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Then, start finding solutions one at a time. You are not alone here. Talk to the business friends, talk with your employees and tweet your problems to create a conversation in social media. We at Tastag would love to help you discover the solutions at no cost, If you are puzzled at any point in this global chaotic situation.

10. Create a list of brand new transformations for the business

Face this global situation in a positive mindset. Think how you can exploit your market or to move into new markets with your business after the lockdown is over. Think about new possibilities. There is a saying that after a storm comes a rainbow.

Business plan
Plan ahead for your business
  • Create a list of the 5 transformational improvements you can implement in your existing business
  • Generate 3 brand new business ideas you can implement in 2020

These are things for you to improve your business and career. However, keep in mind that there are many important things in life to consider at this time of chaos. So plan your time effectively.

Where are you gonna start? Comment below

Good luck!