10 strategies to survive and thrive in business during COVID-19 lockdown

Many businesses are being temporary closed due to this pandemic situation without even an opening date. We are passing a desperate time of the mankind and we should face it together.

So many companies are facing their worst time ever in business. Here, I will be talking about businesses in general which are affected by the situation.

For the ease of study, I will split up the businesses into three different categories based on how bad they are being affected. These strategies I discuss would be practical learnings for small and medium organisations. First, understand where you stand and work from there.

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Category 01: Worst affected businesses

If you were in construction, production, restaurant or retail clothing for example, you belong to this category as you can not continue doing business at all in most countries.

Following strategies and steps can be used to minimise the losses for the businesses in this category.

1. Seek out government support

Most governments are willing to help businesses at the moment. If you are a tax paying business, they would help. Grants, loans, tax reliefs are some of the ways they support. Remember you would only get half of the help you ask for. So ask for it.

2. Talk to your bank

If your business had a strong relationship with the bank, now it’s time to test it. They can extend your over drafts, give you debt moratoriums or they can rearrange your loan periods to reduce the monthly instalments.

3. Try a merge operation

Though your business is totally closed down, there are some businesses still functioning which are in category 02 or 03. Think about how your resources can be shared with them.

For example, you are a travel and tourism company with a fleet of vehicles and drivers temporary closed down. There would be so many grocery retailers out there without their own fleet of vehicle to deliver customer orders or essential goods. Make a quick partnership with them.

This is how uber twitter page looked like
This is how Uber twitter page looked like

See how Uber is moving from category 01 to category 03. They could have simply ended up in category 01 creating tremendous losses with the lockdown.

4. Think about the possibility of home delivering your product

Community mobility has been drastically reduced to the business locations with the COVID-19. Checkout the google report on community mobility in different countries. The results are astonishing.

Google community mobility data- Germany
Google community mobility data- Germany

More people stay at homes and if you are a business with a product which can be home delivered, though you haven’t done it before, this is the time to think of the possibilities.

6. Focus on the markets you can exploit

If you have multiple businesses in different industries or markets, this is for you. Check whether you have one business in the portfolio which can be used to serve the community.

Allocate your resources to that business or the market to provide the best service. Try to focus on that one business you can yield and stop worrying about other businesses for a while.

Eventually you can consider whether there are any synergies you can create with other businesses to improve your service.

Category 02: Less affected businesses

Companies which can continue their operations even in the lockdown by working from home belong to this category. Most IT companies fall here.

7. Think of new ways of doing business

Some companies which started working from home might already have realised how much cost they can save with such approaches. There could be better ways to do business and we just don’t realise them.

8. Explore new markets

For example, if you are an IT company previously focused on creating software products for international markets currently with a staff working from home, think about what products you can create to your local market to help them in this situation.

There could be plenty of possibilities. Social distancing is creating so many opportunities for online and software products. People need better payment methods, new ways of retail shopping, even brand new ways of dinning.

Just think!

9. Help the community and the businesses to survive

Take this time to create a strong relationship with the community. It would push you forward and help your company thrive even after the lockdown.

Help other businesses to survive.This is a time we should help each other and stand together.

See this example of the Sri Lankan tech company, Bhasha lanka pvt ltd which has taken the initiative in its capacity to help the community while building up a great business. Shophere is a platform for small retail shops to sell their product in the COVID-19 lockdown time and this became a great relieve for the affected people to do their shopping of essentials.

Shophere: A service started to connect small retailers to the customers
Shophere: A service started to connect small retailers to the customers

I repeat. Creating an authentic relationship with the community is priceless for any business in this era.

Category 03: Businesses with no substantial effect

Businesses such as grocery retail, online entertainment, digital products, fall in to this category and these businesses in fact getting more sales than anticipated as a result of the lockdown.

Remember, you are lucky. But you have a duty to the community at this dark hour.

10. Use resources wisely

You would probably be not ready to handle the instant demand from your customers. Short term staff requirements, capital requirements, and other service requirements would arise. So be ready to hire more people, invest where ever necessary and make ties with other companies to deliver your best.

Target is ready to accelerate to its full speed
Target is ready to accelerate to its full speed

You can help the community while helping other affected businesses as well.

Which businesses you have seen carrying out their marketing in a more responsible and human way even achieving their business targets? Comment below

That’s the beauty of modern marketing. More you help, more you make!


10 Valuable ‘Things To Do’ at Home during COVID 19 Lockdown

Now this is for you if you and your business operations are being locked down due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation. Each of this point is created with the possibility of carrying out at home without anyone’s support. So be safe. Maintain the distance.

Now this is kinda broad area to discuss with the variety of businesses people get involved in. However, there are some important skills every business person should have and they could acquire during this time period.

If you know how you can utilise your time effectively, COVID-19 Lockdown is a gift for you. Checkout these 10 remarkable ways to spend that time.

1. Learn to create your personal social media accounts

Now, this is one of the most important things every business person should focus on doing. This is not a difficult task at all. Go to Youtube.com or Google.com and type how to create a Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ LinkedIn account, you will find plenty of resources.

Facebook signup page
Facebook signup page

Select the social media platforms depending on your personal preferences and the business goals. First focus on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you need any help on choosing where you should be, contact us, we can help you out.If you are in business, your social media presence adds substantial value to your business and your career as a businessman.

2. If you have already created, optimise them

If you have created your social media accounts, does not mean you are done. Now you can update them and optimise. This is in fact the important part of the process which can make or break your social media experience.

Again you can find so many resources and online courses to learn optimising your social media accounts. First try as much as free resources and if you would like to learn further into the depth, there are some quality paid resources as well. Consider the following basics,

  • Update the profile picture
  • Cover photo
  • Update your ‘about’ section which tells a viewer who you are
  • Update the ‘contact details’ if you provide any
  • Links to your business page or website

However, if you have any doubt, put a comment down or drop us a message.

3. Do the same for your company

If you have not started your web and social media presence for your company by now. A great news for you. You still have time.

Start learning about different social media platforms and try to create your company’s web presence in this time of lockdown. You will never get a better time for this. If you are not sure or confident enough, hire someone to work from home, you will find plenty of freelancers at this moment.

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We also can help you to take your business online or we can further help you learn how to do this. We recommend you to try this yourself as it would be a great mental exercise and a future investment to learn the art of digital marketing.

4. Engage with the community, customers and employees

Now, this is a momentous time to engage with the community as a businessman as everyone is stressed out and worried. So consider it as a part of your company’s corporate social responsibility to help the community for the fight against the virus.

Act like a real business personality. Be a true gentleman

connecting on twitter
Twitter is a great platform to connect with communities globally

You can use your personal social media accounts and business accounts in parallel to engage with people. Try to help as much as possible though its a tough time for you as well. Consider this golden rule here,

DO NOT expect anything back for what you or your company do to the society

Check whether your employees are safe. Call them or use an application such as Zoom or Google Hangouts or any such to have a conversation. Check this blog to find the best video conferencing applications available. Help who is in need.

video conferencing
Video conferencing is a quality way to contact your employees

Contact your customers. Check on their status. Have some friendly conversations and try not to talk about the outstanding payments 🙂

5. Think about a Second/ Third Income

There was never a time we felt this much of the importance of few independent sources of income. More sources of income you have, you will feel safer.

Even if you do a business or work in an organisation, this lockdown is a great time to think about new ways to make money. Remember, this world is full of Trillion Dollar Industries, whereas you just have to identify one.

Think about ways to make an online revenue apart from your usual job or the business. Check out websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or even Shutterstock.

You can even start your own online presence with a blog, youtube channel or with a social media platform on something you like to spend your time and effort.

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6. Learn a software

You can learn windows office. You would probably have an understanding of the basics already, but there are so much to learn especially in Excel. Microsoft Project would also be a great software for a businessman.

If you have an interest in learning a creative software which you can use in your business and in digital marketing, go for Adobe. Learn Adobe premiere pro, Photoshop and Lightroom.

Adobe logo

You will understand the importance when you start creating your social media and web presence. However, it does not mean you can not go ahead with point number 1,2 and 3 without learning Adobe.

7. Read a book on Sales and Marketing

Reading is a quality way to utilise your stay at home. If you already have books, you are lucky. Personally I prefer the printed versions rather than e-books. However, you have no choice at the moment.

Reading a book
Read a book

Find some quality Sales and Marketing books you can get your hands on. Start reading.

Nevertheless, if you are not used to reading books, start with something you would love. Such as an article, a blog post, or even a Novel.

8. Take up an online course

There are plenty of platforms which create you the opportunity to learn a new skill online. First think of what you should learn. I will suggest some skill areas where you can concern on.

  • Start learning a new language (eg: English, French, Chinese)
  • A new software
  • A new programming language, web development or application development
  • A course on Finance, Management, Marketing
  • Photography or videography
  • Yoga, nutrition, dieting
  • A music instrument such as guitar, piano or keyboard

These are just a few areas which you can start from. Luckily, all these learnings can be done at home without the help of anyone. You can find tons of free resources online to learn any of these. However, if you need to sign up for a more structured program, try Udemy.

Online courses in Udemy
They have thousands of Online courses in various categories

9. Start creating a plan to execute just after the lockdown

The lockdown would create so many challenges for your business. So start planning to face them now. Create a list of 10 most serious issues you will face just after the lockdown with number one being the most significant.

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Then, start finding solutions one at a time. You are not alone here. Talk to the business friends, talk with your employees and tweet your problems to create a conversation in social media. We at Tastag would love to help you discover the solutions at no cost, If you are puzzled at any point in this global chaotic situation.

10. Create a list of brand new transformations for the business

Face this global situation in a positive mindset. Think how you can exploit your market or to move into new markets with your business after the lockdown is over. Think about new possibilities. There is a saying that after a storm comes a rainbow.

Business plan
Plan ahead for your business
  • Create a list of the 5 transformational improvements you can implement in your existing business
  • Generate 3 brand new business ideas you can implement in 2020

These are things for you to improve your business and career. However, keep in mind that there are many important things in life to consider at this time of chaos. So plan your time effectively.

Where are you gonna start? Comment below

Good luck!


Top 5 reasons why Relationship Marketing is Superior to Traditional Marketing

In traditional or consumer era, customer’s buying decision was based on WHAT the company produced and HOW they produced it.

However in relationship era of marketing customer considers WHO the company actually is and their core values in business when making the buying decision.

Following are the key reasons for relationship marketing to be superior and relevant to the present days.

1. Purpose of the business

In traditional marketing, purpose of every business is generating profits. This core purpose comes into effect in almost every decision the company makes.

A business drives on relationship marketing has a far more greater purpose to be in business than mere profits. Yes they make profits, but the profit is a by-product of achieving their purpose. It’s not that they are trying to convince customer that they are something that they are not. The business live on that purpose and it’s been reflected in all its dealings.

Starbucks employee helping a customer to change the flat tire
Starbucks employee helping a customer to change the flat tire

There’s lot to learn from a company like starbucks on how to live on purpose. They reflect their purpose on each and every dealing with their customer and employee.

2. Persuasion vs Authentic relationship

Facebook like box
You can’t buy likes

In consumer marketing, it was all about persuading the customer to buy the product. All the marketing efforts and promotional goals were set to create that persuasion in every possible media campaign.

However, in modern marketing, the goal is to create long term authentic relationships with the users.

It’s simply about how many â¤ï¸ reacts your business’s Facebook post gains vs how many 😡 reacts. And this authentic relationship focuses on turning those 👍 into more ❤️ reacts.

A good example for a company who has created an authentic relationship with its customer is Apple. They do not sell on persuasion. They have created that trust in customer’s mind so that their brand is loved by so many. Being loved by the audience is by far the most difficult to gain asset for any business.

I love apple google search gives more than 3 million results
I love apple google search gives more than 3 billion results

3. Investing in media vs investing in people

Consumer marketing companies heavily focused on promoting their product through media. They used televisions, newspapers and paid millions on advertising their products.

In Modern marketing, the investment is carried out on people. Basically, your staff and customers. You do not have to persuade your staff to stay with you when they know your purpose and you invest on their growth.

Same with the customers. You don’t have to spend millions on introducing and persuading your products to the customer every time, if you have created an authentic relationship.

This does not mean that you should cut your advertising budget, rather you should use your advertising budget on building the relationship with your audience.

4.Trust has two meanings

In relationship marketing, you don’t sell a product or a service that you don’t trust. Further, if your product or the service is not what your customer is looking for, you simply explain it and help may be help them find what they are looking for.

The word “Trust” in relationship marketing is about creating an authentic trust relationship with the customer. That does not end in a sale. A sale meantime would strengthen it.

5. Customer retention vs acquiring new customers

Whether in consumer marketing or relationship marketing, customer retention and acquiring new customers are both important for a business.

However, the relationship marketing focuses on the existing customers more than the new customers and they invest on the existing customers. The reason here is creating authentic customer relationship is costly and it takes time. Therefore retaining the customers who already trusts you and who know your purpose is priceless.

Another reason to invest on the existing customers is the life time value of the customer relationship. It’s found that the customers are more profitable in their later stages in their buying cycle rather than at the beginning.


Traditional marketing is dying due to the transparency that the social media has created in business. You can’t lie to your customer anymore. At least not for a long.

So to move in to the next Era of marketing, it’s vital that your business has a solid purpose for existence and the business and everything in it should live on that purpose.

Then only, the people who love that purpose would get around you to create a sustainable relationship.

Creating a customer centric relationship era branding for a business is not easy as it seems. Because after all, Money can’t buy relationships.

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5 Remarkable Reasons to hire a Digital Marketing Consultant in your business (2020)

Social media and Internet are changing the way we did business, acquiring a massive user base throughout its different platforms, creating tremendous opportunities for the companies to reach millions of customers globally.

However, the competition among the businesses in the internet and social media are also growing rapidly as masses reach these media to make their purchases and to get to know of their products.

Though creating a Facebook page or an Instagram page looks easy for a business, to face this competition requires a businesses to have a dedicated team to handle their web presence to get the best out from these tools. 

Here I discuss why it is a great business decision to hire a digital marketing consultant in 2020. I have given 5 remarkable reasons for you to consider

1. Cost effective

Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant is cost effective?

Of course Yes. Think about trying to start your digital marketing in house. First you have to hire the IT professionals ( At least one person with experience in Web development and maintenance, depending on the size of your business ), then you might have to hire another to develop your social media platforms and to maintain them.

Weighing between outsourcing and doing in house
Hiring a DMC may not be costly as you think

The worst fear in this approach is what if these employees are not good enough at marketing your brand. Then you have to employee another for marketing to oversee the work carried out by the technical staff.

A digital marketing consultant can guide you through all these from creating a digital marketing strategy for your business up to launching your websites, social media and even to maintain them representing your brand values. So Yes it would be cost effective.

2. You can focus on the core competencies of the business

It’s an accepted norm that, if your core business is your website or your social media, you should not outsource it.

But what if your main business is something far more complex? Then you will find the importance of hiring a professional to handle it.

snags of trying to do everything yourself

By outsourcing your digital media to a third party would give you the opportunity to focus on the core competencies while the digital consultant would carry out your marketing without giving you strokes.

3. Bring in a fresh perspective to the business

This is a benefit of outsourcing any service of your organisation as you are bringing in people with different attitudes and points of view to the business. This usually creates chaos if it is an internal employment as the existing employees would not like changes even though it creates positive impacts to the business.

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However, as you are hiring a third party on a contract basis to execute a specific project this would not cause much interruption from the internal staff. In fact, they may help for the success of the project.

And I believe, its very important to have people with different points of view, especially in an active area of work such as digital marketing.

4. Experience in different industries and markets

Digital marketing consultants often carry experience from several industries such as healthcare, construction, retail etc. This experience makes them experts in executing and creating marketing strategies.

Moreover, this gives them the expertise to try out cross industry strategies which may create radical changes in the current way of doing business.

5. Latest trends and bends in the digital marketing

As you know all the ups and downs and lefts and rights of your business, most digital marketing consultants are fully aware of the tools and technics they use and the new features, the trends and bends in different social media platforms and even geographical, social and political changes in the use of the tools.

World is changing faster than we ever imagined

You would not find these information unless you hire a professional, as you would not be in touch with the relevant information sources. 

The importance here is as social media is fast changing, if you miss the right time to exploit a situation, you would miss that opportunity forever.

A bonus point: They are Flexible

Easy hiring and firing.

You can find plenty of digital marketing consulting companies out there in almost any market. Moreover, if you feel like the one you have hired is not the best selection to represent your brand, the process of finding a new company and moving your assets is fairly a simple task.

Hiring and firing is comparatively easy in outsourcing
Hiring and firing is comparatively easy in outsourcing

No geographical boundary

Importantly, if you feel like hiring a DMC from a different country, you can still do it. There are many social media consultants and companies available online at affordable costs to serve the businesses globally.


Hiring a digital marketing consultant may bring your business a brand new perspective in terms of innovation and ideation. With their experience in different industries and different digital media platforms, they would deliver better results. If they do not, you can simply find a new one, as there are plenty of individuals and companies out there.

This gives you the opportunity to spend your valuable time in the core business and most importantly, outsourcing would save you money.

There are few drawbacks of outsourcing your digital marketing which you can checkout before making a decision. However, my personal opinion is that the benefits surpasses them enormously.

Comment below if you think there are more reasons to consider for both the sides.

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